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Plumex is worldwide supplier of broiler and layer hatching eggs and day old chicks. We are supplier of the top brands in poultry genetics.



Plumex makes its know-how available to its customers all over the world. Plumex offers a wide range of consultancy services for your company and/or your customers.


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Serving the world with hatching eggs and day old chicks

Plumex was established in 1976 and celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2016. In four decades Plumex has earned a proven track record of supplying top quality hatching eggs and day old chicks to more than 50 countries.

Plumex is working with top genetic brands such as Cobb, Hubbard and Ross for broilers, ISA, Lohmann, Hy-line and H&N for layers, BUT, Hybrid and Nicholas for turkeys and Cherry Valley for ducks.
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