Plumex makes its know-how available to its customers all over the world.

With the vast experience and expertise in agricultural specialists and animal production specialists, Plumex is able to offer you a wide range of consultancy services for your company and/or your customers. In addition to the in house expertise we have a vast network of top specialist.

On request will be glad to provide you with a list of different assignments that we have successfully executed.

We have done projects in the areas of:

  • Strategic planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management and technical assistance
  • Distribution and marketing

We have learned that in many companies there is a need for checking out the processes and performance of specific links within the chain of production by determination and/or evaluation of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). For that reason we have developed Quick Scan Techiques especially for chicken production.

  • Quick Scan breeder production including rearing
  • Quick Scan breeder production excluding rearing
  • Quick Scan hatchery performance
  • Quick Scan broiler performance
  • Quick Scan feed production
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Plumex is working with top genetic brands
Cobb, Hubbard and Ross for broilers, ISA, Lohmann and Hyline for layers and BUT, Hybrid and Nicholas for turkeys, and Cherry Valley for ducks.

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