About Plumex

Plumex is worldwide supplier of hatching eggs and day old chicks

Plumex was established in 1976 and celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2021. In four decades Plumex has earned a proven track record of supplying top quality hatching eggs and day old chicks to more than 50 countries.


All animal products from Plumex are produced in conformity with Dutch and EU export regulations. Our contracted production farms are under the inspection program of the local Veterinary Authorities and are exported only with the official Health Certificate issued by the Veterinary Authority in accordance with the requirements of the country of import.


A hatching egg is the foundation of the production chain for poultry meat or table eggs. Our hatching eggs give the customer the best available genetic potential for a healthy egg or chicken that is protected against all major poultry diseases. Plumex has built strategic alliances with breeder integrations in many countries.


When customers prefer to purchase day old chicks instead of hatching eggs, Plumex ensures that the customers receives the chicks in excellent condition. Plumex has extensive experience in the most efficient transport of hatching eggs and day olc chicks by road or air to our customers all over the world. We have built strong relationships with major airlines. Plumex makes shipments from the airports in Amsterdam, Brussels, Liege, Ostend, Paris and Frankfurt.


We are a supplier of top genetic brands such as H&N, Hy-Line, Lohmann, ISA for layers Ross and Cobb for broilers.