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Plumex is worldwide supplier of the top brands in poultry genetics. We supply broiler hatching eggs and day old chicks for meat production from the following brands:

Layer hatching eggs and day old chicks are from:

For the turkey industry we are supplier of hatching eggs and/or poults of the following top brands:

Quality and Certification

All flocks are under the regular inspection of the National Governmental Veterinary Authority which guarantees our eggs or chicks free to be free of Mycoplasma (MG), Salmonella and other pathogenic micro-organism.

All hatching eggs and chicks are packed in brand new boxes which are of the highest quality and especially designed for transport by road or air over long distance.

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Plumex is working with top genetic brands
Ross and Cobb for broilers, ISA, Lohmann, Hy-line and H&N for layers and BUT and Nicholas for turkeys.

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